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Welcome and thank you for finding out more about our Pokemon GO Emulator. It has taken a while to develop this wonderful application, which if you were part of our BETA testers, we can’t thank you enough as you guys are the core of what our emulator has become today. Pokemon has taken the world by storm which has become known worldwide and loved by many people of different cultures, gender and age. 1997 recalls the first ever screening of the anime, which lead to other greater things for the brand. Gameboy knew there was a lot of potential in the anime and decided to develop Pokemon Red and Pokemon blue, which became the most wanted game of 1996. Back then, purchasing Gameboy really costed a lot and Pokemon emulators had not existed. The card version of the game however was cheap to purchase and everyone could afford it – If you are one of the lucky ones to have been able to collect them all including the exclusive ones, let me tell you they are worth a fortune now and will continue to rise in value over time.

Anyway, that’s a little history mentioned there, so back to our tool. The latest game by ‘Game Freak’ is currently Pokemon GO , which is only available to play on a Nintendo 3DS. This is very unfortunate for some people, as we know that purchasing the device can cost you an arm and perhaps 5 legs if you had that many. We, like many others, are not a huge fan of the handheld device, and it is for that reason, we made the decision to develop a kick ass Pokemon GO Emulator for PC, and is available to download directly from our site.

Our emulator is fully functional and has been developed to work with the most common systems which are Windows and Mac. In our download folder your will find two applications; one for Windows and the other being for Mac systems – so please make sure to run the correct one for your device. Please also note that the Pokemon GO Emulator Tool does not need a direct install as we have made this partially portable to reduce the amount of memory and power it needs.

How to use the Pokemon GO Emulator Tool:

Read the Pokemon GO hack first.
– Download the File and Extract all the content
– Run the correct version, each application has been separated into its respective folder
– Make sure to read the steps or follow our Video demonstration for a complete guide
– Enjoy the game!

Here are some common questions that were asked during our BETA stage of the game:

How do I run the Emulator on my PC?

When you have successfully downloaded the file and unzipped it, you will notice two folders. One for for Windows and the other for Mac, you need to make sure you open the correct folder in accordance to the type of device you want to run it from. So say I want to run it from Windows, I will choose to check the Windows folder. From there you will see the application, just double click and the rest is self explanitory.

Can I run this one more than one device?

The answer to that would simply be YES! That’s because we have decided to make this emulator available for anyone to download and use, and as such there is no license applied to this application, which therefore does not restrict the amount of devices it can be used on.

The application doesn’t seem to work, and closes after a few seconds of playing the game

Please make sure you run the application as ‘administrator’, the reason being, is because without doing so, your device will think that you are not the owner of the account and will essentially close any application you try to run.

What technical support do give for this application?

On the bottom right-hand corner of this page, you will notice a live message box. We have our team monitoring this all the time with direct notifications of when someone messages, feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have.